A breathtakingly wonderful hotel in Tulum. Off the beaten track, with a private beach and a pool. The hotel serves delicious food in a great restaurant (located in a three-storey glass structure) well known for its mouth-watering Mexican dishes, but also light international cuisine.

Guests can choose to stay in the boho style tents. The boho style just rocks in Habitas! There’re comfortable hammocks between trees located just by the bar, there’s this lovely copal smell everywhere and you can just smell the sweet laziness in the air!

What else? Oh, I almost forgot. You can do a yoga class while looking at the ocean. The customer service is excellent. Habitas is definitely one of the best places I’ve every visited. I’d strongly recommend spending your holiday there!

Tłumaczenie : Joanna Osmola, Tłumacz Kreatywny, osmola.joanna@gmail.com

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