My TOP Hotels of 2019

It’s been the most exciting year for me when considering my travelling ‘career’. I’ve visited some fantastic spots, fed my ‘hungry travelling eyes’, and learnt a lot. I know that some people don’t get my passion, but I just love visiting new places. The places designed in an unusual way, the original ones, the ones full of this ‘exciting vibe’ – these are the ones that stay with me. They just make me incredibly happy. I always try to ‘breathe a place in’ and just make the full out of my travelling experience.

Unique hotels provide me with the experience with all the bells and whistles. Copenhagen, for example, just wouldn’t be as amazing without Manon Les Suites; and I think that Kos is worth visiting only because of Casa Cook Kos.

If you’re interested in unusual places, great designs and you just love hotels like that, please have a look at my TOP hotels which I stayed in in 2019. Enjoy!

P.S I cover all of my travel expenses which means that my opinions are truthful and sincere.

The most beautiful hotel lobby- MANON LES SUITES

It’s my dream come true. I’ve been interested in MANON LES SUITES for years and I’ve been looking for a chance to visit it for quite a while. I managed to do so in October (this was my personal birthday gift to myself!). The hotel is just an oasis of tranquillity and relaxation; it just makes you want to… rest. It’s very eco friendly and its design is absolutely amazing. If you want to read more about it, please have a look at my review here.

The most mouth-watering food in a hotel- HOTELIO AZUL

I can say, definitely without hesitation, that I’ve had the tastiest breakfast of 2019 in Hotelio Azul; it was a bowl of fruit, cinnamon coffee and avocado toasts. During lunch time I’ve had tacos with seafood and incredible nachos! Mexican food is my absolute fav and HOTELITO AZUL just rocked it!

Have a look of the full review of the hotel here.

An amazing hotel with the boho-chic vibe – NOMADE, Tulum

A hotel which will stimulate all of your senses. Starting from the smell of copal and the sound of drums and finishing off with amazing food and that holiday feeling of sand underneath your feet!  Apart from all this, the hotel offers fantastic customer service and, of course, a unique design! While there, you can take part in aromatherapy or yoga classes. It’s one of the best places I’ve ever visited. You can read the full review of NOMADE TULUM here.

A hotel with the most beautiful view – INDIGO, London and OTVIM, Rome

The balcony view in Indigo left me speechless. I stayed in London during Christmas time and I could see the Leicester Square Christmas Market from my balcony. I loved the sight of London’s rooftops and London Eye.

The balcony view in Otvim, Rome gives you an opportunity to admire Piazza Venezzia and almost all of the most beautiful places in Rome. Have a look at the full review here.

A hotel with the best rooftop patio – SURFRIDER MALIBU

A fantastic view of the famous Malibu beach and… the surfers and…the pier! A lovely fireplace, beautiful design, excellent customer service. The rooftop patio in SURFRIDER Malibu just had it all!


The Amalfi coast just had to be the winner of this category! We visited Amalfi for our wedding anniversary. Bucca Di Bacco Hotel took our breath away (it always does!); we got a room with a garden and a beautiful view of the Hills.  

In Marina Riviera we enjoyed a room with a lovely balcony and we could chill just looking at downtown. Perfect.

Marina Riviera, AMALFI

Bucca di Bacco, POSITANO

The most unique design- AZULIK, TULUM

Definitely the most unique hotel I’ve ever visited. Ever. Not just in 2019.

Azulik is all about the nature and the jungle. The design is just amazing. The rooms have limited access to electricity, a direct access to the beach and the ‘nest’ restaurants…oh and a bar where you can just lay on top of the trees! It’s just such a lovely place worth popping over even just for one night.

The most beautiful hotel by the beach – CASA COOK KOS, Greece

I love Greek cuisine and my holiday in Greece was a dream come true. We chose Casa Cook Kos – a hotel well known for its genius design, beautiful spaces and easy access to the beach. If you’re dreaming about a tropical style holiday (but in Europe), I strongly recommend CASA COOK KOS. Have a look at my full review here.

Best breakfast at a hotel – MAMA SHELTER LOS ANGELES

Los Angeles welcomed me with a rooftop party and loud music in Mama Shelter Hollywood. It was an amazing night, but what I’ll remember the most is the delicious, American breakfasts in the hotel restaurant. Fluffy, thick and buttery pancakes with fruit and gigantic, crunchy avocado toast! A breakfast heaven! The customer service was excellent too ( but hey…it’s great everywhere in the US in my opinion…well, almost everywhere).


I visited Casa Bonay in March for my best friend’s birthday. Casa Bonay is one of my beloved places. We enjoyed the best negroni and gin and tonic (the gin was a local speciality – Nordes) in the Liberte Bar. You can read the full review of the hotel here.

The most amazing swimming pool – SPARROW LODGE

I’m a big fan of hot springs. We spent 2 days in Palm Springs enjoying Sparrow Lodge and, although it was raining and it was quite chilly, we managed to relax swimming.  Sparrow Lodge is my favourite memory when pools are considered.

The most interesting hotel in Poland – PURO WARSZAWA

The PURO chain opened a new hotel in Warsaw. It’s not a surprise that the design of the hotel is fantastic (I wouldn’t expect less from PURO). You can find a beautiful patio on the roof of the hotel with a lovely view of the Palace of Culture and Science. Have a look at my full review of the hotel here.

My biggest hotel disappointment – HOTEL ERWIN VENICE BEACH, LOS ANGELES

Generally speaking, the hotel was just the biggest disappointment ever. It’s an expensive hotel located just by Venice Beach. It just seems to be quite old, tacky, and with a mediocre view of the beach (and strange hotel rules!). We, as the hotel guests, haven’t even reached the patio on the roof as the queue outside was just too long! Totally absurd. The hotel is located just by the beach, but they serve breakfast in a dark restaurant on the ground floor (there’s no windows). Customer service is really poor. I wouldn’t recommend this hotel to anyone.

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